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Slowing it down

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Mood: Contemplative

There is much to be said about taking your time with a manuscript, but in a digital world full of instant gratification it’s something I feel needs to be said a lot more.

My process takes time. I outline and write character bios before I start a new project. Then I write a rough draft and do a round of edits (this can take me several months), before sending it off to my Critique Partner. Once I get my amazing CP’s feedback, I make more tweaks and edits before sending on it my beta readers. Then the beta readers send along their feedback and I make even more edits and tweaks. Then I read it on my Nook, like I would any other book, and note even more things that need tweaking. My goal is always to make the story the best it can possibly be. When I feel it’s in the best place in terms of plot, pacing, characters, dialogue, everything, I do line by line copy edits.

I don’t like to rush my process. I want my ms to be in the most polished state possible before sending it off to The Powers That Be. Sending your book baby into the great big world is hard enough, why make it harder on yourself by putting something out there that isn’t your very best?

So I take my time. I have to forcibly slow myself down along the way. By slowing it down, I’m by no means saying that it should take all writers months (or years!) to write a novel. What I mean is that we need to enjoy every step of the process, make sure we’re crafting the best story possible, and don’t rush past the things that are hard. Because just like in life, it’s important to slow down and take a moment to enjoy where we are in the process. Sometimes that’s the only time you can truly see the greater picture. And it’s awesome.

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