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Virtual group hug, anyone?

Listening to: The Great Gatsby: Music From Baz Luhrmann's Film

Mood: Appreciative

Today I just want to take a moment to be thankful. I mean, I’m grateful daily for the wonderful things in my life; my hubby, my dogs, my family, my friends, good health, good books, all sorts of things. And while I give thanks for tall those things regularly, right now I feel like saying THANK YOU to the writing community.

As a writer, I firmly believe that the writing community is the most supportive group of people that I’ve ever known. Strangers or not, we all help each other out. So many writers out there put on pitch contests on their blogs and Twitter, working hard in their free time to help other writers land their dream agent or perfect their queries, etc. Some put on clinics to help writers further develop their craft. Even more just help each other out by giving an extra set of eyes on Twitter pitches, first 250’s, or first pages.

And then there are the agents and editors. When I talk about the writing community, I also lump these people in this fabulous group. So many of them are so kind and helpful. They answer questions on social media, participate in pitch contests, and always offer great tidbits and insights about the publishing world. I pay attention to a lot of agents and editors on Twitter, many of whom I follow purely because I value their expertise.

Basically, I feel like giving the writing community a GINORMOUS virtual hug right now.

You all rock!

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