A version of Groundhog Day: the weekend plans conversation

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Happy Friday the 13th all! As per the usual on every Friday, coworkers always ask the inevitable questions about what my plans are for the weekend. It’s usually the same answer, and yet, they still seemed baffled. These conversations go one of three ways:

#1 – The Truth

Coworker: What are your plans for the weekend?

Me: The usual. Writing.

Coworker: Oh. Sounds neat. *casually turns away to ask someone else*

#2 – The Elaborated Based-on-my-current-ms Truth

Coworkers: What are your plans for the weekend?

Me: The usual. Fighting off a horde of monsters with my battle axe, all the while trying to uncover a secret plot to eliminate my species.

Coworkers: *stares at me unblinking for a full minute* Uhhhhhhh.

Me: *shrugs* You asked.

#3 – The Expected Truth

Coworkers: What are your plans for the weekend?

Me: Oh, the usual. Running some errands, writing, and relaxing.

Coworkers: *nods head vigorously* Yeah, after the week I’ve had I plan on doing nothing but relaxing.

I’m not sure why errands and relaxing sound better than writing, but then again, I’m a writer. Writing always sounds awesome. You see, only writers with other full time jobs understand that weekends involving writing for hours on end are some of the best plans. I do other things of course. But when Monday rolls around I’m most satisfied with what I’ve done in my written worlds. I still have a life, I still hang out with the Hubs and drink wine and eat nachos (sometimes at the same time!). Those things are enjoyable too. But the weekends are the only days I can sit uninterrupted for several hours and immerse myself in the worlds I’ve built. It’s blissful. It’s my perfect weekend.

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