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The Time my Hubs Questioned My Reading Habits

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Mood: Snarky

So, my Hubs is a pretty awesome guy. He supports me in my crazy dream of becoming a published author, including putting up with me ignoring him for large parts of my free time because I’m busy in my head (and on my laptop). He listens to me ramble on about my stories, lets me talk through plot difficulties with him, and actually cares about my characters as much as I do. I also read a LOT. So when I’m not writing, you will probably find me reading. I’m telling you this because though we’ve been together for 11.5 years, sometimes he still says things and my immediate response is “Huh? Why would you even ask me that?”

Here’s what I mean:

This morning, I was throwing stuff in my purse, getting ready to leave for the day job. The Hubs comes in the bedroom and the following happens:

Hubs: You’re taking your Nook?

Me: Your powers of observation astound me, Captain Obvious.

Hubs: *raises an eyebrow* But why are you taking your Nook? You're driving today.

Me: *stares unblinking for a full minute*

Hubs: When are you going to have time read when you’re driving in? That’s pretty unsafe. Please tell me you don’t drive and read.

Me: *still stares unblinking, brow furrowed* Are you kidding me?

Hubs: *shrugs*Just asking. Your ways are often a mystery me.

Me: *shakes head* Sometimes I’m worried you don’t even know who I am.

And to clarify, I DO NOT read while driving. That’s plain dumb. I just never know when I’ll have free 5, 10, or 15 minutes out of my day to relax for a moment and read. I am nothing if not prepared, and I always carry a book on me.

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