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Adult Horror

Status: Editing

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All These Shattered Stars

YA Dark Fantasy - 92,000 words

Status: Complete

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A Hallowed Wrath

Crossover Dark Fantasy - 100,000 words

Status: Complete

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The Unhinged

YA Dark Fantasy - 99,000 words

Status: Complete

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Kata Lizhka uncovers secrets. Usually for the wealthy elite of Verassima where secrets can mean life or death. Her clients never know her identity and she is careful to keep it that way. Because Kata has secrets of her own, some so dark she can't or won't remember them. Having fled to the city of canals to escape being sacrificed by a witch cult in the northern desert, she makes a living on the rooftops at night, dreaming of the day she can buy a ship and sail away. 


When a string of strange deaths follow her and rumors of the witches landing in Verassima, Kata fears her past has caught up to her. Unexplained memory blackouts and whispers of dark power warn her she should get out of the city. But she is offered one more job with a payout that would buy her that dream of freedom. So she stays. Because in Verassima: Fortuna favorece el trato--fortune favors the deal. 


Now Kata needs fortune's luck more than ever as her enemies, both known and unknown, close in on her. 

Thrall to the Burning Sky

Young Adult Fantasy - 113,000 words

Status: Complete

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Monster, cutthroat, murderer. Seventeen-year-old Zara Najad has been called all those things, and much worse. As one of the few magic wielders left in Merzia, she’s forced to use her power to extract souls from innocent citizens for the annual tithe to their immortal Emperor, the Malik. When Zara is sent out on her heart-wrenching yearly duty to acquire these souls, she finds herself at Ayan Dashka’s door—a boy her age claiming to be not only from a supposed extinct royal line, but also in league with Zara’s parents to overthrow the Malik.


Disbelieving, Zara rushes home to question her family only to have Ayan’s story confirmed in the worst possible way: her parent's murdered and twin brother captured by the Malik's henchmen. Desperate to avenge her family and rescue her brother, Zara agrees to help Ayan find the remaining members of the Vrizhi, the group prophesied to find the fabled Hijiki Sharaz talisman and destroy the Malik's immortality.


But when the Malik offers to make a trade, Zara for her brother, it becomes clear he's got secret plans for Zara’s particular abilities. Knowing the exchange may ruin the plot her parents put into motion, Zara must choose between her brother’s life and freeing Merzia from the Malik’s deadly grasp.


Adult Urban Fantasy - 100,000 words

Status: Complete

Violence is twenty-four-year-old Faida Zahir’s native tongue. An obedient basilisk soldier, she was bred to protect Fulcrum City’s unsuspecting human population from test-tube beasties created by a rival clan. But when her squad leader assigns her a seemingly routine mission that ends in a confrontation with Striker, a human bounty hunter sent by her own people to kill her, everything she’s been conditioned to believe is called into question. Faida’s done nothing to warrant a hit.


At least, nothing she knows of.


Before she has a chance to dispatch Striker, Faida is captured by Tariq, her clan’s irritatingly superior Executioner. He tells her she’s now number one on their clan’s Most Wanted list for a treasonous crime punishable by death. Tariq believes Faida is being framed and offers his assistance. Faida’s not sure who she can trust anymore, but with limited options and a bull’s-eye on her back, a girl’s got to use all her resources, feminine wiles included.


To prove she’s not a traitor, Faida must ally herself with Striker and Tariq and follow a trail teeming with ancient magic, medieval torture, toxic sibling rivalries, and a thousand-year-old curse. But as she draws closer to unearthing the truth, Faida uncovers a far more sinister plot than a simple bounty: the real traitor’s endgame is to eliminate her basilisk clan along with humankind, and Faida must battle her own squad to stop the massacre.


Soul Skinned

Adult Urban Fantasy - 91,000 words

Status: Complete

Soul Walking witch Emmy Riley spent her youth on the run from a demon mother determined to use her blood to release her from exile in Hellfire. Still free and with all her plasma intact, Emmy’s managed to carve out a relatively normal life as an agent for the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. Her ability to commune with the souls of the recently deceased and relive their final moments has made her one of the most valuable investigators in Seattle, and her track record for solving homicides is unmatched within the Bureau.


But when Emmy’s called to a crime scene involving a sacrificially flayed shapeshifter whose soul can’t identify his murderer, it quickly becomes apparent she’s dealing with a demon magick mastermind unlike any other. Then another shapeshifter is killed and the murderer leaves an ominous message about Mommy Dearest in the victim’s memories. Emmy realizes that unearthing the demonic magick in her blood might be the only way to stop the madman, even if it means finally facing her past and walking right into her mother’s trap.











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