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I'm here, but I'm not

Listening to: Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials

Mood: Energized (aka: I think I drank too much coffee this morning)

There are so many things going on this week that I scarcely have time for this blog post. WHAT? I know. Sorry.

I’m working on another round of BLOODBIRD edits and am about halfway through the ms. I’ve thrown myself into my new YA Fantasy WIP (um, and can I just say, it’s wicked cool). SOUL SKINNED is out there wandering the world, trying to find its perfect match.

And then I’m participating in this super awesome pitch contest called Pitch Slam (organized by the superbly amazing L. L. McKinney. You can find out more here: One of the things that makes this contest unique from other pitch contests, and in my opinion supremely valuable, is that the mentors (or Managers & Talent Scouts as they are called in this contest) provide feedback of your 35-word pitch and the first 250 of your ms. Then you get to revise and resubmit both for the final “picks.” It’s been so much fun while be so incredibly helpful.

Plus, each day this week there’s been a Twitter party theme for everyone to participate in with hashtags related to an ms you’re working on: #FirstLines, #LastLines, #ManuscriptMusic (you can find mine here), #ThemeSongs, #CoolParts. You get the idea. I’m having a blast, I’m blow away by all the talent, and have made a lot of new writer friends.

So, that’s it. That’s all I’ve got this week because I have to jump back into the many writerly things calling my name. Later!

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