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Novel Aesthetic for THE UNHINGED

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Mood: Accomplished

I'm super excited to have finished polishing THE UNHINGED, my dark YA Fantasy about a girl who sells secrets on the black market, but unbeknownst to her lives two separate lives. Think Jason Bourne meets Jessica Jones, but creepy, and with assassins, blood magic, a shape-shifting bat, and flesh-eating mermaids.

This story was one that bounced around in my head for quite awhile, but up until last year, I hadn't been ready to write it. I am so proud of this story, proud of my bad ass heroine Kata who is unapologetic of who she is, where's she from, and who she loves. And so I created a novel aesthetic to give you an idea of the world and the story. I think it really embodies the setting and ass-kicking and magic and cult-ness of the book. Hope you like it!

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