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Why do writers...

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I'm in the final stretch of my WIP YA Fantasy and my brain has been hanging out in that world for most of my free time. I'm itching to finish so I can clean it up a bit and send it off to my CP (She's so sweet. She swears she's excited to read it). That said, I hadn't really thought much about a blog post this week until a friend of mine asked me a random "why do writers" type of question (I have no plans of repeating it here). It was strange, and out of left field, but it made me wonder what other non-writers think about us wordsmith types.

If only we lived in a world where we could find answers to all of our burning questions with just a few keystrokes? Oh, wait. We Do.

So, without further ado these are the most common Google search terms that come up about "why do writers..." I think number three is my favorite.

Why do writers.jpg

None of these are what my friend asked, thankfully. But they're funny all the same. I can give you my answer to number one, though. Because I HAVE to. The voices won't leave me alone otherwise.

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