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How Do I Choose Between All the Voices in My Head?

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Having finished my YA Fantasy and started working edits, I’ve been waffling back and forth over the last couple weeks on what I want to do for my next WIP. I have a Horror that’s been in my head for a while now and a newer Historical Fantasy that has made its presence known. Both are outlined, both MCs have been equally aggressive in my mental space, both are stories I could get behind for a long time. I like them both a lot. So what to do?

I could flip a coin, but that won’t work for me. I need one of the stories to push the other out of my head so I don’t get halfway through the ms and realize I should’ve written the other first. Well, wish granted last week. There was a moment at my day job where something happened (the something is not the important part) and I realized that there was a part of my Horror idea that had been missing. That’s why I’d been undecided on moving forward with it. And just like that, the Historical Fantasy got pushed the wayside.

The thing I realized the story was missing was a second POV. I’m a first person POV fan, and in the past I’ve written all my mss in a single person POV. But my male MC is such an important part of my idea—a nonbeliever versus a believer, surely we all know the kind of tension that can create—and I think the storyline will need him as much as it needs my female MC. Plus, it’ll be fun to write dual first person POV.

I’m excited to get inside their heads and see how they handle the creepy ass things I have planned for them. After I finish my YA Fantasy edits and send that ms off to my CP, or course.

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