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I’m Back, and I’m Ready to Write

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I've been MIA for a couple weeks because I was taking a much needed vacation. One of my favorite things about vacation (besides, you know, that it’s vacation) is that it serves as a “restart” for me. I get to escape the daily grind, go off and experience something new, and when I return I feel refreshed and ready to get back to work. I also find that it recharges me creatively, allowing me to take a step back from whatever manuscripts I’m currently writing, editing, or submitting, and come back with fresh eyes (and ideas).

I’ve been doing a lot of research about the fall of Constantinople for a Historical Fantasy idea I’ve been tinkering with, but while I was on vacation I figured out a crucial missing piece to the Horror idea I’d previously started. Once that piece fell in place, I was able to plot out the rest of the story the way I wanted. It’s no longer going to be a New Adult novel, and instead I think the tone would be best suited as Upper YA. As soon as I got home, I scrapped the first chapter and started rewriting it. Both the MC's stories have wanted to flow from me since.

Despite that this is the time of year when I have a million holiday party commitments, I still carve out time every day to write. Even if it’s only 15 minutes, it keeps me motivated. I’ll surely have tons of editing to do on The Burning Sky (my YA Fantasy) once it comes back from my CP and the editor I sent it to, but while I’m waiting for their feedback I’m going to devote time to the YA Horror. The story’s ready to be told, and I’m mentally reinvigorated and so incredibly pumped to write it.

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