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New Year, New Possibilities!

Listening to: Poe - Haunted

Mood: Refreshed

The last month of the year is always super busy for me and I’m happy to be finding my balance again in January. I sucked at writing in December. Absolutely sucked. I had zero time with all the commitments on my time I’d made to write anything new, and when I did have time to write I was staring edits on The Burning Sky. Normally, this would have made me itchy to write and a little down, but I had no time to think about writing because of my plethora of responsibilities. And that’s not a bad thing because a break from writing is always beneficial for me. I feel refreshed and inspired when I return to the pages.

January’s now in full swing and I don’t have a full schedule of obligations. So it’s back to writing my WIP YA Horror, Old Blood, and editing The Burning Sky (including rewriting huge chunks of the story). Also, I have been getting a lot of great responses for Bloodbird, and I can’t wait to see what happens with that manuscript this year. A new year brings so many new possibilities, and I’m excited to see where I go this year. And I’m not just excited for myself. I’m also thrilled for my CP, who is sending out her fabulous ms finally, and I KNOW someone (many someone’s I’m sure) will want her. She’s an utterly brilliant writer and her story is amazing. Good things are happening, guys, good things.

So as I dive back into writing and editing and sending my work out into the world with fingers crossed, I look forward to the year because it’s shiny and new and untouched. It’s a new beginning, one where I can peel away anything that bothered me last year and embrace new ideas, look at my mss with fresh eyes, and write. Always write. Because though it’s a new year and there are so many new possibilities, writing is my constant, and I need it. My journey wouldn’t be the same without it.

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