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A Call For Your Help (aka, Fuck Cancer).

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Mood: Somber, but hopeful

When I first met my sister-in-law’s husband seven years ago (he was her boyfriend at the time), I instantly felt I’d met a long-lost brother. I’ve never had a brother, only sisters, but the constant banter, poking fun at each other, and general ease to be yourself is how family behaves, and I always had that with Mike (watch out for the zombies, Mike!!!). The truth is, while I’m a little reserved when I meet new people, I never felt that way about Mike. Much the way I felt when I first met Stephanie, his wife and my Hubs little sis, both of them were people I instantly connected with and adored.

Mike is one of those guys who likes to help people so very much. He was an EMT for ten years before deciding to pursue his dream of becoming a PA (Physician Assistant), which is why he’s an uninsured medical student at the moment. And is also why I felt I needed to write this blog post today.

A few weeks ago, Mike, who is only three years younger than me, was diagnosed with a baseball-sized tumor in his abdomen. The doctors have told him it has to be removed ASAP due to its location. I’m not going to get into the nitty-gritty details of it, but you can read more on their Go Fund Me page (you can click on the picture below or copy and paste the link). Basically, because he’s a student, his wife is a traveling nurse, and they live off only her income, he doesn’t have insurance and can’t until Jan 1st when open enrollment starts. He HAS to have this surgery this month. They can’t afford it and the hospital isn’t “comfortable” scheduling him for the surgery until they have the funds.

I normally wouldn’t ask for help from strangers or acquaintances, but this is too important for me to keep my mouth closed. I am asking anyone and everyone who cares about family or friends, or who has ever been affected by that asshole known as cancer, to donate and help fund the medical expenses for Mike to get this damn tumor removed. You guys, I love Mike and Steph more than the size of the universe. And though you might not know them, I think you would love them as much as I do if you did. Every little bit helps. Thank you so much.

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